A Vintage Jazz Workshop Weekend

A Vintage Jazz Workshop Weekend

Second City Swingout 2019 is coming!

Join us for round two of Second City Swingout, a vintage jazz dance workshop weekend in the heart of Chicago. We are pleased to bring you two days of workshop classes taught by world-class instructors, and three nights of dancing with top-notch live music and DJs.

See you in October!

Some Registration Updates / Notes

New Date: TODAY (April 2) at 7pm CT / 8pm ET

Thank you for your understanding yesterday! We are extremely fortunate to have such an eager and wonderful group of dancers who are willing to laugh when things go wrong instead of yelling.. our tiny team appreciates you!

Please read this carefully. We have been assured that our server resources have been sufficiently increased, but we still want to avoid anything that may needlessly overload it just in case.

Please head directly to the shop before 7pm CT: https://shop.trafficjamswing.com

You will see a countdown on each product (including the tickets). The page will refresh automatically when the countdown ends—you do not need to manually refresh the page. Please try not to have multiple windows open, they’ll all refresh at the same time which is an extra load on the server, and you won’t be any more likely to get the same ticket tier (once a ticket is in someone’s cart, it’s removed from stock for 15 minutes).

On that note, you will see a 15 minute timer after adding any ticket to your cart. For full weekend passes, there are no guarantees about the tiered price you see on refresh being available until it’s in your cart. For passes with limited quantities (dance passes and student passes), there is no guarantee of availability until it’s in your cart. Once a ticket is in your cart, it’s all yours for 15 minutes. If you don’t check out before the 15 minutes is up, the product will be automatically removed from your cart and put back into stock.

Thanks again for being so awesome yesterday, let's give this another try!

Traffic Jam!

Registration Take 2!

We're going to attempt to re-open registration TONIGHT (April 2) at 7pm CT.

Please note: You may not be able to see the shop site yet. We are still waiting for the domain to be working across the board, and this can take a couple hours, so we're assuming that it will be all set by tonight at 7pm. We're on a bit of a time crunch since the hosting company has lifted our restrictions for only 24 hours, but if the site is not up across the board before then, we will unfortunately have to move the time again for fairness' sake.

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