October 5-7, 2018 // Chicago, IL

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A Vintage Jazz Workshop Weekend

Event Information

Second City Swingout is a brand spankin' new vintage jazz workshop weekend in the city of Chicago! We're not limiting our awesome to any one vintage jazz dance style, so there will be a hearty mix. We're bringing in some world-class instructors for the main tracked workshops, and we're growing a list of add-ons taught by local dancers in a number of other dance styles to fill out the weekend!

The city of Chicago has been notoriously difficult to hold an event like this in, so our goal is to really highlight the city and all it has to offer. From the music to the venues to the plethora of city-wide events we've got in store, we expect there to be something for everyone!

For us, the real highlight of the event is definitely going to be dancing to the live jams from Jake Sanders in the ballroom of the Chicago History Museum. Home to the very first 'L' car, the Chicago History Museum is a beautiful space and we'll even have a private viewing on the second floor for dance attendees. We can't wait to see you there!

October 5-7, 2018

Chicago, IL

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Vintage Jazz Music

Jake Sanders

Jake Sanders will be bringing the vintage jazz jams all weekend with a quintet, a septet, and a trio for both late night dances.

Jake Sanders

A self-taught guitar and banjo player Jake truly delved into into vintage music while working for renowned bandleader Vince Giordano in New York City. While living there he formed The Cangelosi Cards, planting a seed for the current, thriving, young, traditional jazz scene you find in New York today. He's played with many notable projects including The Fat Babies, a renowned hot jazz band playing in Chicago and beyond. He currently performs with Naomi & Her Handsome Devils and has collaborated with Naomi on numerous original arrangements for the band.

World-Class Instructors

Naomi and Peter

Naomi Uyama & Peter Strom

Naomi Uyama discovered Lindy Hop in her hometown of Washington DC in 1997. Before graduating high school she had already been hand picked by Aretha Franklin to perform with her onstage, and had won numerous national level contests. Today she is a top performer and competitor and has collected dozens of titles at such major competitions as the US Open Swing Dance Championships and the International Lindy Hop Championships. As an instructor she has taught thousands of students in over 20 countries. Today, she travels the world teaching dance and singing with her band "Naomi & Her Handsome Devils", while calling Minneapolis home.

Peter Strom is one of the most dedicated and well traveled instructors on the lindy hop scene today. His humor in classes is only matched by the clarity and care he takes with his students. Since his start in 1998 he has taught at international dance camps from Australia to South Korea to Herrang, Sweden. In addition to teaching he brings with him his skills as a sought after DJ and experienced Master of Ceremonies. He was a member of the renowned lindy hop team the Silver Shadows and the founder of Uptown Swing in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mia and Andy

Mia Halloran & Andy Reid

Mia Halloran (Goldsmith), with her incredible string of competition wins and international teaching and performing gigs, excels in dances from the Jazz Age and is known as one of the best Balboa Swing dancers in the world. Her unique approach to teaching is full of energy and creativity, bringing a passionate and motivated air to the classroom. She is known for her highly impressive footwork, elegance, improvisation, and individual approach to the dance. Above all else, she is driven by her desire to create with both partner and band on the social floor.

Andy Reid is one of the most well known and influential swing dancers out there. Since he started dancing in the late nineties, Andy has left an indelible mark on the dance scene. Andy's style is a balance of the refined and the eccentric. His proficiency with rhythm and partnering make his dancing rich and inspiring to watch and experience. While Andy specializes in and is passionate about the original styles of Lindy Hop, his dancing is a mix of many influences, is always inventive, and is never encumbered by labels.

Chicago Venues

Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum is one of the finest museums, located in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. With breathtaking views, beautiful Georgian-style architecture, and featuring stained glass from Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright, the Chicago Room will host our Saturday night dance. We’ll also have the top floor of the museum and access to the permanent collections for a private viewing ahead of the dance. Have a seat in Chicago’s very first ‘L’ car, which brought visitors from all over the world to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, and learn more about our fine city’s long history!

We couldn’t be more excited to listen to the fine tunes of Jake Sanders, have a stroll through the grounds, and dance away the evening in this beautiful space!

Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum

Shapiro Ballroom

Located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, the Shapiro Ballroom is a beautiful space with exposed brick, large windows with views of the city, and a great atmosphere!

Schedule of Events

We’ve got three main dances and a Saturday late night to finish off two full days of workshop classes. We’re also working with organizations around the city to hook our attendees up with some of the best Chicago has to offer! Check back for more details as we get closer to the event! Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date!


Main Dance
Jake Sanders Quintet
Shapiro Ballroom
$20 at the door


Classes and Chicago events during the day.

Main Dance
Jake Sanders Septet
Chicago History Museum
$25 at the door

Late Night Dance
Jake Sanders Trio
$15 at the door


Classes and Chicago events during the day.

Main Dance
Swing and Soul Party
$10 at the door

Tickets and Registration

Registration will open April 1, 2018. No joke. Stay up to date by signing up for the newsletter. We never spam, we just want to make sure you get your ticket!

Full Weekend Passes

We will be offering full weekend passes that will include entry to all the dances as well as all the workshops.

Pricing Tiers
  • Tier 1: $120
  • Tier 2: $135
  • Tier 3: $150
  • Tier 4: $165
  • Students: $75

Party Passes

Party passes will be available for the whole weekend. This includes admission to all of the main and late night dances at a discount from the a la carte dance prices.

  • $60 for the weekend

A La Carte

Single dance passes will be available as well as elective classes (we’ll be announcing these later). Please see the schedule for individual dance prices.