Tracks & Levels

There are four track levels this year. Please read the descriptions below carefully and register for the level with which you most closely identify.

Auditions are Saturday @ 10am for the Advanced and Intermediate/Advanced tracks. If you sign up for Beg/Int or Intermediate levels you do NOT have to show up for auditions. Our goal is to balance the classes in terms of space management and lead/follow ratio. Additionally, each level will have a minimum of one class with each set of teachers.

Beginner / Intermediate

You've been dancing about 6 months, equivalent to Lindy II at Big City Swing. You're a newer dancer, but familiar with 6 count basics and the swing out.


You've been dancing about 6 months to a year, equivalent to Lindy III at Big City Swing. You're comfortable with the basics, including Charleston, and you're looking to expand your vocabulary and hone your technique.

Intermediate / Advanced

You've been dancing for 1-3 yrs, equivalent to Lindy IV or Int/Adv Drop-ins at Big City Swing.You've probably been dancing a few years and may have even traveled to workshops before. Audition required.


You've been dancing more than 3 years. You've been dancing for several years and travel to workshops, maybe compete, perform, or even teach. Audition required.