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Jack Jones Literary Arts

We offer a broad range of opportunities for both novice and experienced writers, cultivating a space that promotes personal and creative growth, supported by a range of fellow literary and performance artists. Literary Arts courses are differentiated to allow students at all experience and accomplishment levels to feel comfortable yet challenged. Courses include readings intended to inspire students via a diverse array of writers, both traditional and experimental, contemporary and canonical, from many intersecting cultures and identities.

Formerly, he was the Donald Barlow Fellow at The Black Mountain Institute and editorial assistant at Believer. For information about the Frostburg Center for Literary Arts, our programs, the Creative Writing program at Frostburg State University, or to get on our mailing list of literary events please contact us using the information provided on this page. The Frostburg Center for Literary Arts is promoting the literary arts in northwestern Maryland and beyond.

Etymologically, the term derives from Latin literatura/litteratura “learning, a writing, grammar,” originally “writing formed with letters,” from litera/littera “letter”. Developments in print technology have allowed an ever-growing distribution and proliferation of written works, which now includes electronic literature. The Adventures of Pinocchio is a canonical piece of children’s literature and one of the best-selling books ever published.

The recipient of the Harper Lee Award is selected through a process coordinated by the Alabama Writers’ Forum, a statewide literary arts organization funded by the Alabama State Council on the Arts. The recipient of the Eugene Current-Garcia Award is selected by the Association of College Teachers of Alabama , a diverse organization representing faculty at all of Alabama’s two-year, four-year, and doctoral institutions. As an author, Le Guin was interested in more than just science fiction and her prescient writings are now viewed as more than just fantasy.

The Celebration of Literary Arts Festival was initiated at DMACC in conjunction with the National Poetry Festival. The purpose of this celebration is to bring noted fiction and poetry writers to the six DMACC campuses to read their works and interact with students. Central to th​e festival is the idea that writers can be published and that one can indeed make a living as a professional writer or professional writer/faculty member.

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