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In an instant, they are all on the ground and that is when Shioon blackmails him into teaching him martial arts. But this young boy has no idea what lurks in the deep underbelly of the martial arts world. He once had everything going for him with a special ability that guided him and kept him safe. Until one day he could no longer use the ability and found himself an addict and a loser. When he is rescued by a strange woman with an almost impossible to resist offer, he starts to wonder if the dream was just a dream. He decided to reclaim his life and forge his path in the new world known as the Lost Paradise.

The story about this young man’s journey bypassing the demonic gold and rising to become the best martial artist has just begun. This is definitely one of the best martial arts manhwa out there. All the great clans, martial arts forms, and techniques are present. The story of his journey of bypassing the demonic cult and rising to become the world’s best martial artist has just started. Becoming a fighter for the Nogi Group Company, he is paired with Kazou Yamashita, who was originally working a stale job before becoming Tokita’s manager.

After finally settling the feud with his demonic father Yuujirou, Baki defends his title in the Kourakuen Underground Arena while stifling yawns brought about by the ease with which he defeats his challengers. Baki’s friends and mentors also struggle with this new peaceful stasis, completing great feats of strength training with little enthusiasm. Soon, Japan is shaken by the reveal of a long-gestating science experiment that results in the successful cloning of legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto. The famed warrior relishes in testing his strength against Baki and the other fighting icons of Tokyo, but he struggles to assimilate with the modern era. Miyamoto clings to his ancient ideals of honor and dueling to the death, a philosophy that clashes with the more tranquil present.

But as the Red Lion suddenly disappears one day, we find that’s only the beginning to the trials of real “Red Lion.” In a future world known as Sand Land, the one river that supplied the entire world had suddenly stopped, and the only source of water is from the greedy king’s overpriced water bottles. Demons and humans live together in a world of drought, until Sheriff Rao confronts Beelzebub in need of a demon on a quest to find the Phantom Lake, a river on which birds called Water Finches supply themselves. Though reluctant at first, Beelzebub goes along and brings an older demon, Thief, with him to find the lake for the good of all creatures, whether demon or human. With Kankichi’s help, Souichirou begins to establish a life in Edo’s tenements and exchanges his longtime sword Kunifusa for a bamboo blade, due to his newfound desire to refrain from violence. Unfortunately for Souichirou, avoiding conflict in Edo is not always possible.

Surviving his clan’s slaughter, Mo Zheng is burdened with a blood feud and swears vengeance. After finding a mysterious blood sword, he opened the space of blood sea, which greatly enhanced his cultivation. There is no limit for martial art, he can either be mundane or unworldly. A mysterious organization is sending out invites to every skilled fighter they can find. Mori Jin, a Taekwondo specialist high school student, soon learns that there’s something much greater behind it all.

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