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The literary arts program helps each student develop a distinctive voice as a writer. If you’re considering a major in the Department of Literary Arts and Social Justice, chances are no one has ever had to tell you to “use your words.” Our programs invite you to immerse yourself in ingenuity, creativity, language and understanding injustice. Graduates establish their own magazines, write content for national websites, work for nonprofits, publish poems in literary journals and cover their local arts and entertainment scenes as freelance writers. They use their writing to connect themselves to the larger world, the world beyond our school’s walls. In their classes and in special collaborative projects literary artists explore mythology, literature, history, and many other art forms. They also connect themselves to one another, forming a community of writers that encourages and sustains their imaginative work.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work, usually for a limited time. Copyright is intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of a creative work, but not the idea itself. Common literary examples of nonfiction include, the essay; travel literature and nature writing; biography, autobiography and memoir; journalism; letters; journals; history, philosophy, economics; scientific, and technical writings. Although there are many historical prototypes, so-called “novels before the novel”, the modern novel form emerges late in cultural history—roughly during the eighteenth century. Initially subject to much criticism, the novel has acquired a dominant position amongst literary forms, both popularly and critically.

In this event from 2006, prolific poet, essayist, and influential public figure Adrienne Rich shares poems and musings with a Portland audience. Youth slam poetry competition, including live performances and interviews with Portland students. 96% of teachers see an overall increase in student grades and report that our program improves their students’ critical thinking and writing skills. We also host monthly meetings of writers, publishers, and editors associated with the Catholic arts scene. All of our events retain a deep awareness of the spiritual patrimony and treasures of the Church.

Some researchers suggest that literary fiction can play a role in an individual’s psychological development. One study, for example, suggested that the presence of familiar cultural values in literary texts played an important impact on the performance of minority students. Many works of early periods, even in narrative form, had a covert moral or didactic purpose, such as the Sanskrit Panchatantra.200 BC – 300 AD, based on older oral tradition. Drama and satire also developed as urban culture provided a larger public audience, and later readership, for literary production. Lyric poetry was often the speciality of courts and aristocratic circles, particularly in East Asia where songs were collected by the Chinese aristocracy as poems, the most notable being the Shijing or Book of Songs (1046–c.600 BC), . In 1969, she published “The Left Hand of Darkness,” a novel about an Earth diplomat named Genly Ai, who journeys to a wintry planet where two nations teeter on the brink of war — and where the inhabitants have no fixed gender most of the time.

The internationally acclaimed Alabama artist Nall was commissioned by the Alabama Center for Literary Arts to create portraits of Alabama literary icons Truman Capote, Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, and Booker T. Washington for display in the Alabama Writers Hall of Honor. Nall is an American symbolist artist who further developed his passion for art through studies in Paris and numerous world travels. Developing lifelong learners through literacy; for every student,; for every student, every school,; for every student, every school, every community.

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