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Radio Social is none other than bowling; it is an upscale urban lounge and restaurant styled to be the hot spot of the town when you are not feeling like bowling. It is a venue where drinks and food have come together in an intimate social environment and generally are held entirely inside the confines of Radio Social room. You can expect to be treated to some of the finest tequila, margaritas, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages as well as some of your favorite tunes.

This little four-stool wonder has all it takes to be one of the best. Located in Rochester county, just east of alphabets road in Chesterfield square, Radio Social features twenty-four hour access to a full bar. You are never going to be short on selections or specials. The food menu boasts local favorites like chicken wings, steak on the grill, nachos, burgers, and pasta. They have a few items plated in a traditional French taste, but also offer a large variety of wings and burgers. All this food is made by the best chefs in the area, so expect nothing but the best.

Another location that offers a unique and perhaps slightly out of the ordinary bowlers experience is The Lanes at Rockaway. Another bowler’s hangout in Rochester and it is located between Rockaway Boulevard in Brooklyn and Rodeo Drive in New York City. The lanes are owned and operated by the lanes themselves, so you can expect a quality night out and a truly unique and an authentic middle eastern feel to this bowling alley.

Last, but certainly not least is the historic stromberg-carlson warehouse. This facility features the best of both roasting facilities and a bowling alley in one. You will find a huge array of roasting merchandise such as burgers, steaks, and a wide selection of merchandise for just about any type of meat you could possibly want. It also features numerous restaurants and bars in addition to the bowling alley itself. You will be able to go to the bowling alley anytime during the day and sometimes even at night if you want to.

If these three locations sound appealing to you, then you might want to try Radio Social. This place offers an extremely unique experience. While you are there you will have the opportunity to listen to live music, take in the sights and sounds of roasting, shop, dine, and take part in other activities. If you enjoy what you hear and the overall experience then you will want to go back and frequent the other three locations between Rockaway, Long Island City, and the historic stromberg-carlson warehouse every time you visit. The benefits of experiencing this unique coffeehouse each day is similar to what you would get in a smaller town across the United States or in Spain.

In addition to the three attractions mentioned above, Radio Social also has numerous shows that you can catch while you are there. They feature award winning musicians as well as talk radio hosts. One of their most popular talk radio shows is called “The Biggest Loser.” It features two teams who are competing to lose the most pounds in the shortest amount of time. They use all different ways to encourage their team members to lose weight including food challenges and singing and dancing competitions. Another exciting activity they have been known to feature is the “cupcake challenge” which has their chefs challenging other chefs to create the best cupcakes in the world.

Along with all of the entertainment options and great food, Radio Social Bowling Alley features some awesome wings to eat while you are bowling. Their wings are infused with rich cinnamon flavors and come in five different styles: spicy buffalo wings, tangy peanut wings, tangy chicken wings, and my favorite, their classic buffalo wing. All of their wings are freshly made and flash frozen on the day of every game. Guests are encouraged to pick their wings and take them home afterwards. What makes this establishment even more unique is that they offer an additional serving of wings for free!

Of course, wings aren’t the only thing that you can get at Radio Social Bowling Lanes. A quick visit to the indoor pool gives you the opportunity to take a dip in the amazing indoor/outdoor swimming pool. A trip to the video arcade allows you to play arcade style video games for an hour or two. The ultimate activity is likely to be trying your luck at the slots, but we won’t tell you if you will or not. We did warn you though that the slots are a bit hard, so go in with a little more experience than when you go in just for the fun of playing. For sure, you will have a blast when it all turns out.

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